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    In BMM logical coloumn has multiple LTS

      I am using obiee 10g, in which one of my logical coloumn in bmm layer is having multiple LTS,when i am querying the coloumn it is taking 1st LTS(LOGIC), what to do to make obiee to take 2nd LTS(LOGIC) as query for the particular coloumn?
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          open the properties of that logical column. if you go to 'Column Source' or 'Source' tab you can see the logical table sources it mapped to. in your case LTS1 and LTS2.

          double click the LTS and you can see the content tab. here for your dimensions you have to set the level. Suppose in LTS1 you set the time dimension level as 'Month' and in LTS2 you set it at 'Day' Level. Then in your report when you select month and 'this' field, it will use LTS1. when you drill down to day level then it will automatically point to LTS2.

          In order to make your report point to LTS2 modify its content appropriately. set it at higher level than LTS1.