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    how to check if restart is required


      We are seeing the following issue

      User A made some non dynamic changes, saved changes and stop edit session(not restarted server to reflect the changes).

      User B started an edit session and deploy an app successfully but when he tries to undeploy the app, he gets the error message that app not found.

      The reason is that user A made some non dynamic changes which require server restart so when user B deploy an app that is not visible until server restart so when he tried to undeploy it, he gets the exception.

      So what we want here for User B is to check whether the server already has some non dymanic changes and restart is required or not.

      I tried using isRestartRequired() or viewChanges() in WLST but do not return anything as these are valid only for current edit session.

      Preferably through JMX but WLST check is also fine.

      Thanks & Regards,
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          Hi Anand,

          Once you open your Weblogic console,On the top left hand side there is Change centre.
          Inside Change center,there is a tab View changes and restarts ,
          Check the Restart Checklist tab,You will get the details about whether there were any changes that required a server Restart..