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    Issue with oracle.odi.sdk.invocation package to run scenario through PL/SQL


      I am new to call ODI scenario through PL/SQL.
      Actually just to test I tried following code-

      1. create or replace and compile java source named "Run_Scen_DCP"
      import oracle.odi.sdk.invocation.*;
      public class Run_Scen_DCP
      public static void Run_Scen()
      OdiCommandScenario cmd = new OdiCommandScenario();

      } ;

      Output- Warning: execution completed with warning
      and compile Compiled.

      2. create or replace procedure run_scen as language java name 'Run_Scen_DCP.Run_Scen()';

      Output- procedure run_scen Compiled.

      3. EXECUTE run_scen;

      Output- Error starting at line 1 in command:
      EXECUTE run_scen;
      Error report:
      ORA-29541: class TEST_JAVA.Run_Scen_DCP could not be resolved
      ORA-06512: at "TEST_JAVA.RUN_SCEN", line 1
      ORA-06512: at line 1
      29541. 00000 - "class %s.%s could not be resolved"
      *Cause: An attempt was made to execute a method in a Java class
      that had not been previously and cannot now be compiled
      or resolved successfully.
      *Action: Adjust the call or make the class resolvable.

      I am getting the error in calling the wrapper PL/SQL procedure.

      I have set the classpath for SDK jar files C:\oracle\product\11.1.1\Oracle_ODI_1\oracledi.sdk\lib\*.jar

      Please help me understand what I am doing wrong in this.