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    Controling Shuttle items right side value

    Nithyarajan Manmathan-Oracle

      We have the following scenario,

      There is a select list with multi select enabled, in which we are displaying a list of tables. and based on the tables selection from that selectlist we are populating a shuttle with the column of the selected
      tables. Shuttles lov is a dependent on the table selectlist.

      When users selecting 2 tables from the table selectlist, it populates all the columns of two tables into left side of the shuttle. Users then pushing few columns into right of the shuttle and re-ordering them.
      Now when users select one additional table from the table selectlist, the shuttle is refreshed with the all 3 table column values. In this way users losing all their previous selected and re-ordered columns from
      right side of the shuttle. They have to again push the columns from left side of shuttle to right side and re-order them.

      Is there anyway i can control shuttle's right side selected values..? so that even if new tables are selected from the table selectlist, users wont lose their earlier column selections and rearrangement. Any idea
      on this will be very helpful.

      Nithyarajan M