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    Can't use simple journalization on PostgreSQL

      We would like to use simple journalization on some datastores on PostgreSQL.

      We created a JKM for PostgreSQL since it doesn't exist by default. We adapted the Oracle's one. You can get it here : https://share.extramatch.com/www/?a=d&i=uCLqKyGrqe]

      When we add the datastores to the CDC, everything is created with no error.
      Again, when we start the journal on these datastores, everything is created with no error. When we change some data on the target tables, everything is logged accordingly in the J$ tables. Everything seems to work fine.

      But in the Designer, there is still a yellow/orange icon on the datastores. If we try to use these datastores in some interfaces and if we check the "Journalized data only" option, we get a an error saying that these datastores are not journalized in this context.

      What is keeping simple journalization on PostgreSQL from working correctly ?
      Has someone succeeded to implement a working PostgreSQL JKM ?