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    Questions about EM Plugin HostSample login

      I have been unable to login when running HostSample from Flex Builder and I would like to confirm the settings and how to debug the login process.

      Question #1: What should be the Management Server Port:

      In my install I have the following ports:

      Enterprise Manager Upload Http Port 4890
      Enterprise Manager Upload Http SSL Port 4901
      Enterprise Manager Central Console Http SSL Port 7801
      Node Manager Http SSL Port 7404
      Manager Server Http Port 7203
      Enterprise Manager Central Console Http Port 7789
      Oracle Management Agent Port 3872
      Admin Server Http SSL Port 7102
      Managed Server Http SSL Port 7302

      I had been assuming it should be 7801, but I get an "unexpected error". What should the port be? I know I have the URL
      correct since I can login via my web management just fine.

      Question #2 If I wanted to use non-ssl port, how would I configure Enterprise Manager? Or is it one of the ports listed above? Note, this is a development instance, not production.

      Also, is there any log files that the login produces so I can get a peek at what it is doing?

      Thanks in Advance for any answers on the above.
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          Adeesh Fulay
          Oracle employees should make use of internal forums, but for everyone's benefit, here is the answer:

          In order to login when running from Flex Builder, you provide the same host and port that you would use when accessing the EM console from a browser. If you are using https, however, you need to take the additional step of installing the unsigned certificate using the same browser that you launch from Flex Builder. The other option would be to change your EM installation to not require https, this is done by using the command "emctl secure unlock" from the home where your management server is installed. Then you can login from Flex Builder using http and do not need to install a certificate.