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    Can I embed an applet on a Form?

      I have an applet that was developed for use in a web application, I would like to use it in my forms application.

      Is it possible to embed this applet within a Form?

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          Michael Ferrante-Oracle
          Technically, yes but it will depend on which version you are using. Also, you will not be able to exchange data from the applet to the form. To do this, you would need to design your applet code as a bean and code your form so that it can send and receive info via the bean. If you are using v10 or newer then it is fairly easy to just insert an applet. Simply create a java bean object on a canvas. Set the implimentation class of the bean object to reference the main class or the applet. Of course be sure to include the applet jar in the Forms archive parameter in formsweb.cfg and be sure that it can be located on the server.

          Note that there were some problem with some JRE versions and Forms versions where this didn't work. If you find that you cannot get it to work, be sure that you are using the latest versions of Forms and the JRE. If there is still a problem, contact Oracle Support.
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            Thanks for all of the information. I sounds to me like I would have to redesign my applet to some extent which I am not really able to do.

            Do you know if it is possible to embed the applet on the HTML page that the forms applet is embedded and communicate with it via the form? Does this make sense?

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              Christian Erlinger
              As Michael said it would depend on your version. If you are using 9i and higher you could make use of the FBean package where you could call the methods of the Applet directly via FBean.invoke, like
              FBean.register_bean('your_bean_item', 1, 'your.AppletClass');
              FBean.invoke('your_bean_item', 1, 'start');
              So you would have nothing to do in Java. If you are on 6i then you'd have to write a warpper Class extending VBean where you need to wrap the calls to your Java Methods in setProperty calls.

              It is possible to add the Applet to the Forms Applet HTML Page as it is in the end a simple HTML page however as you'd need to implement the communication part in both sides (The Applet and Forms) you'd need a Java Bean in Forms anyway so even if you need to write the Wrapper this would be less work.

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                I have setup a bean area on the form and registered it via the FBean package. I can see that the applet is "working" via the Java console where I can see the data being loaded.

                The issue I am having though is that while the applet loads it's data I can't see any UI components of the applet. Is there something else that I need to do in order for the applet's UI components to be visible?

                I don't need to communicate from Forms to the applet, the applet is simply a view-only component.