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    strange behavior in jdev JBO 25002 jbo defination not found

      Hi Experts,
      I am using jdeveloper am facing strange experience.
      let me put here

      1)i have one application in which i have dto class(ProductDTO)
      2)in ADF model project(TestModel),i have TestDelegate java class where i use ProductDTO
      lets say
      class TestDelegate {
      ArrayList<ProductDTO> listOfProducts=
      listOfProducts=new ArrayList<ProductDTO>
      //i populated arraylist of productDTO
      //and setter getter for listOFProduct

      3)created a datacontrol over it
      4)i dragged listOfproduct from the data control to ADFView Project(Note there is no dependency of model,we have added Model.jsr in classpath to view Control)
      5)ViewControler is deployed as jar
      6)now we have Portal application where i use above jsff fragment

      now every thing is working in mylocal copy
      i comited to SVN.
      now i chekcout from the SVN ,now i am getting JBO25002 no definition found for productDTO
      after going though the documentation and forums
      i did clean build,added model as dependency to viewcontrol
      above two option didnt work

      I did as mentioned in DataControl not found
      now its working .i comited my code to SVN.
      and i took fresh checkout.again i am getting same error.all files are sync with SVN
      every time i need to recreate datacontrol and dabindings.cpx file.

      i donot understand what is happening here...why it starange behavior?

      am i missing any file while chekin to SVN?(but there are no files modified in my local expect adf libarrary dependency)

      Can some one help me out on this?

      Thanks in advance
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          can anyone expalin why this strange behaviour?
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            Timo Hahn
            Checking for changes for files which are under SVN control is only half of the solution. You have to check if all needed files are checked into SVN. For this you should make a copy of a working workspace and checkout the workspace from SVN which should work. Then you compare the to folders or workspaces. Try to find out if any files are in the working folder which are not in the svn folder. These are potential candidates which are responsible for the behavior.
            If you don't find such a file you should check which files you need to change to make the project work again. Then you copy the working file, check the file back to svn and check it out again. Then compare the checked out file to the working copy of the file. What are the differences?

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              Thanks Timo, U saved my day :)
              root cause:since productDelegate has ProductDTO .
              when i create the datacontrol over productDelegate it has generated two xml files
              2)ProductDTO.xml file

              in adfm src productdelegate.xml file has been committed but productDTO.xml file has not been committed as SVN shows the green icon even if u added new files to working copy.
              by looking at the green icon on folder i thought that all the files are in SVN
              as timo suggested i compared two copies working copy and svn copy
              beyond-compare shows that productdto.xml file is not adfmsrc of svn copy
              now i committed that file and took latest checkout
              now its working

              thanks Timo and Sri for helping me

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