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    GET_SEARCH_RESULTS only retrieves released content.


      We currently have a web site on SSXA and are doing contribution through SSXA. Since some pages retrieve their content through the GET_SEARCH_RESULTS method for specific sections, and because that content usually follows a workflow for every new revision, we have a very annoying problem. We obviously need to be able to view our content when in "contribution" mode whether the latest release is in a REVIEW status or not. Otherwise, how can an approver can see the new content pending approval?

      In that case, being able to use the aforementioned method to search for content is a must for us. Since I haven't found a way to use it for that purpose, I assume that I'll have to create a custom component that can search through REVIEW or RELEASED content. However, I'm unable to find the original Java classes for the search services, which could be used as a starting point. Anyone knows where I could find those? Thanks in advance!