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    Issue creating a ListOfValue within a ViewObject

      Hello, I'm having a little problem with one of the tool I'm trying to convert from RAILS to ADF.

      It has the particularity of reading from a MySQL database and I want to save the information in an Oracle Database. (I thought ADF allow me to abstract the database "technology" used).

      I have 2 "projects" Model :

      - ForensicModel => which is linked to the MySQL database (contains the source information)
      - PRMModel => which is linked to my Oracle database (contains the final information)

      The ForensicModel project contains the following VO (based on a query):
      - ForensicPatternVO

      The PRMModel project contains the following EO/VO (based on a database table / Entity Object):
      - ForensicMatcherEO
      - ForensicMatcherVO

      the ForensicPatternVO contains only 1 attribute:
      - "*label*" (a string calculated from the result of the SQL query)

      the ForensicMatcherEO contains 3 attributes:
      - ForensicMatcherID a DBSequence that will serve as the primary key of the Entity
      - ForensicPatternName a varchar field that will store the pattern we are looking for
      - ForensicSolution a varchar field that will hold the solution proposed by the development.

      My issue is that I can't get to create the LOV (in the View Accessor tab) based on ForensicPatternVO inside ForensicMatcherVO, as the former isn't part of the same "project".

      I'm sure this is a normal behavior, but I wonder how do I get to "share" the ForensicPatternVO in ForensicMatcherVO, I can't seem to do it programmatically either as both VO aren't part of the same project.

      I've added a screenshot of my application navigator, as well as the "View Accessors" window, to help you "see" what I am trying to explain.


      If any of you can provide me with any pointers, I'll be very grateful !
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          I managed to get access to each databases in their own respective Application Modules.

          In order to achieve that, I created a new ViewObject within the "oracle" model, and still used the "MySQL" query. Using the jbo.envinfoprovider property, I can force the Application module to connect to the appropriate database, MySQL in this case.