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    How to change default path of Report11gr2.

      Hi all !

      I m using Forms/Reports 11gr2 with followings:

      Weblogic 1036_generic.jar, JDK 6 - 64-bit, 11g r2 Database & Windows Server 2008 Ent 64-bit.

      I want to change reports deflault path, so that I could use my own path (like c:\finance), wherein I put all my reports.

      Some gurus advised me to put the path, in a parameter like *"sourceDir" value=C:\FINANCE in rwserver.conf* file of C:\Oracle\Middleware\asinst_1\config\ReportsServerComponent\RptSvr_hp_asinst_1 folder. But all in vein.

      Then I do the same in other rwserver.conf files of below folders also:


      After this, one more problem arises i.e. when I call a report from a form, Report Server asks for Username & Password for System User Authentication.

      May be I changed parameters in above file wrongly.

      Please guide !


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