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    Dynamic action to refresh Vertical Sidebar List is not working

      I'm using 4.2 Apex, Oracle DB, IE 8 browser, pl/sql Gateway architecture and I'm using them 24 cloudy theme.

      I basically have a global page with 2 regions

      region r1
      Type: html text
      Display Point Page Template Region Position 2
      Name: global_dept
      Display as Select List
      List of Values is based on a named lov 'dept' -- this is based on a select of all valid dept

      region r2
      Type: List: emp -- this is based on a list which is based on a select statement below;
      List Template: Vertical Side Bar
      Display Point: Page Template Region Position 2
      Template: Hide and Show Region (hidden first) - Borderless

      If I go to shared component->list->emp
      select 1,empno
      from emp
      where deptno = :global_dept
      -- take note part of the where, I referenced the global_dept item that I created in the first region
      -- please see above

      -- I then created a dynamic action on region 1->Item global_dept
      Action: Refresh
      Fire when Event result is true
      Select type Region
      Region: r2
      -- basically every time the user change the value of global_dept I want to
      -- refresh region r2 which is base on a select stmt that reference the dept.

      Basically I want a select list where the user can select the dept they want to access
      and underneath it is a selection of all emp where dept = selected dept.

      Sample Screen Layout

      Dept: xxxxxxxxxx
      Emp 1
      Emp 5
      Emp 6

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