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    Java Quit Working With Internet Explorer 8/9

      Java, which had been working fine, recently stopped working with Internet Explorer on my Alienware M11x running Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium. I originally had IE 9 installed. I'm using the 32-bit IE and am loading the 32-bit Java version. Over the last 3 days I tried all of the following multiple times and in different orders:

      Removed Java (both using Windows Programs and Features and using JavaRa) and reinstalled Version 7 Update 10 (both through their web site and by using the manual installation file), tried earlier Java versions, cleaned Java's Temporary Internet files, deleted IE's temporary files and cookies, run the Windows Fixit tool, reset IE to its default Internet settings, and cleaned the Windows registry of Java entries multiple ways: manually, using JavaRa, and using PC Tools Performance Toolkit. After unsuccessfully trying to get Java to run on IE9 I reverted to IE8 and went through the same processes without success.

      Consistently what happens is that after installing Java (and verifying that it's enabled in IE's Add-Ons list) I go to Java's Verify Version Page and it tells me that I have the latest version installed. I then close IE, reopen it, and try the Verify version again -- this time the verifier just spins, and spins, and spins, and never finds anything. When I go to a Java app on a webpage it pops up a message stating that I need Java. And yes, IE's Manage Add-Ons screen tells me that the Java components are there and enabled.

      Last night I installed Firefox and Java works fine with it. If I go to the same sites with IE it tells me I need to install Java. While I have no problem using Firefox as my default browser, I don't like to let computer problems like this go unsolved. I've been using computers since 1964 (almost 50 years??? god I'm old!!) and this is the first problem like this that has me completely stumped. Any suggestions are gratefully appreciated.