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    jgarry Guru
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    Perhaps you should show where you are getting your definition of "namespace." I seem to have a broader definition than you.
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    Mark Malakanov (user11181920) Expert
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    Not a problem.

    8. Within a namespace, no two objects can have the same name.

    The following schema objects share one namespace:




    Private synonyms

    Stand-alone procedures

    Stand-alone stored functions


    Materialized views

    User-defined types

    Each of the following schema objects has its own namespace:




    Database triggers

    Private database links


    Because tables and views are in the same namespace, a table and a view in the same schema cannot have the same name. However, tables and indexes are in different namespaces. Therefore, a table and an index in the same schema can have the same name.

    Each schema in the database has its own namespaces for the objects it contains. This means, for example, that two tables in different schemas are in different namespaces and can have the same name.

    Each of the following nonschema objects also has its own namespace:

    User roles

    Public synonyms

    Public database links



    Parameter files (PFILEs) and server parameter files (SPFILEs)


    Because the objects in these namespaces are not contained in schemas, these namespaces span the entire database.
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    jgarry Guru
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    Ah thanks, forgot all about that.

    Public synonyms are a classic way to [url]confuse people with name resolution.
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