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    Database Unresponsive After 11G Upgrade

      We have recently taken an upgrade from 10G to 11G. Since then, it seems when the number of connections exceeds 5000 to our database, Oracle runs the CPU usage high and the database becomes unresponsive. If we catch it quickly and drop connections, it returns to a stale and usable condition.

      At first we were told that one of the tables had a bad index, so we re-indexed it but the problem returned. Next we were told that it was a ULimit -n that was set wrong. We changed it according to the documentation that Oracle provided to a hard set limit of 65536 from Unlimited. The problem has again resurfaced.

      Has anyone heard of this or experienced this?

      I'm sorry to be a bit vague, but I'm not the DBA, just the director with his behind in a sling. Thanks!