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    Data Loading Procedure of FA_BALANCES_REPORTS_ITF

      Hi 2 all

      Anybody know that How Retirement & Additional Depreciation data load in FA_BALANCES_REPORTS_ITF.

      Begining and Ending data load in FA_BALANCES_REPORTS_ITF table through FA_BALREP_PKG.populate_gt_table procedure .


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          Sadanand Shenoy
          Hi Zulqarnain,

          The direct process of calculation is a bit complex to explain at the outset.

          From your test / clone instance, you can download the package: fabalrepb.pls and check for Procedures like:
          - get_adjustments, which calculates the Adjustments performed, using FA_ADJUSTMENTS etc tables
          - get_balance, which calculates the Balances, using FA_DISTRIBUTION_HISTORY etc.

          You will get a clear idea on the tables and the way the values are calculated.