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    Error : Memory not recognized

      I inserted the new RAM in sparc machine with solaris 10 installed. After power cycle, it is showing fatal error.
      It is not coming to OK boot prom.

      Error :


      Enabling system bus....... Done
      Initializing CPUs......... Done
      Initializing boot memory..
      RAM-Copy CRC failure!Can't start: No image found
      FATAL: Can't find/decompress Forth/OpenBoot dropin module

      Please guide
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          Take out whatever RAM you installed.
          It's not compatible.

          Set the system's configuration back to what it was before you touched it and try to boot it. If it boots successfully you will at least know you haven't damaged anything.

          Then go buy compatible memory modules from an authorized dealer/reseller or from Oracle directly.
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            By the way, You posted this to the Solaris 10 forum.
            This is not a Solaris issue. It's a fundamental hardware issue and the choice of OS is irrelevant.

            However, you chose to keep the exact model of your "sparc machine" a secret, so we don't know whether the post should be relocated to the Servers' forum or the Workstation forum.