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    OBIEE/ADF Integration using the Action Framework

    Denis Ojok
      I would like to integrate OBIEE and ADF to achieve the following.

      1. Embed BI objects into an ADF application

      2. Pass parameter from the ADF application to the BI objects

      3. Pass context (parameters) from the BI object to the ADF components

      4. Have the BI objects call JDeveloper web services from the dashboard

      5. Other integration points to be developed in future

      6. Combine OLTP and BI data in single ADF form

      7. Source ADF BC data from OBIEE metadata layer

      8. ADF application call BI alerts, actions from ADF application

      Could any one have tried to integrate OBIEE and ADF to achieve any of the above.

      If so please help with your experience.

      Any information given shall be highly appreciated.


      Denis Ojok