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    Solaris 11 x86 installation troubles - 8G disk limit

      Hi, I am trying to install Solaris 11 on an X86 machine.

      I am using the text install iso image burned to an optical disk.

      The system contains a single 500G SATA drive.

      When the system attempts to detect local disks, it reports that the disk only has a capacity of 8GB.

      How do I get Solaris to recognize the whole 500G?

      I tried to proceed with the install anyway and then I get an error reported as:

      InstallationLogger ERROR Unable to label 'c8d0': try using fdisk(1M) and then provide a specific slice.

      I suspect that this may be connected to the first issue as they both relate to disk partitions so I figure that I must first fix the 8G problem.

      Any suggestions?


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