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    Different section - 1Z0-899 Java Platform, EE 6 Web Component

      I see real test sections 1Z0-899 Java Platform, EE 6 Web Component is diferent and publish section.

      For example publish section say(Exam Topics):
      * Introduction to Java Servlets
      * Introduction to Java Server Pages
      * Implementing an MVC Design
      * The servlet's environment
      * Container facilities for servlets and JSPs
      * ...

      BUT real test(Test Report) say:
      * Design Web Applications Using Standard
      * Architectures, Protocols, Technologies, and Components
      * Develop Controllers to Manage Navigation
      * Identify and Implement a Security Model
      * Identify, Capture, and Resolve Errors
      * Implement Views using JSP and JSTL
      * Integrate the Model, the View, and the Controlle
      * ...

      Why?, i don't underestand.

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