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    Data Export calculation script

    hyperion start
      I have exported essbase database by using the EAS or writing the report script/maxl etc. However, I have heard that we can DATAEXPORT using the calculation script and that we can export direct to SQL. Any suggestion about it, regarding if we can use DATAEXPORT calc script / and if it is a better options. Any suggestion, blogs etc regarding dataexport would be helpful
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          Report scripts are great if you need small data set in particular format but it dies when exporting large data set.

          Data export is much more reliable and faster (at least in my experience, I have experienced up to 40GB data exported from Essbase app) but it has limited formatting options as compare to report script. But you can Fix on the dimension members for which data needs to be exported or run some calculation (e.g. Aggregation) before data is exported.
          As far as writing to data directly to relational table is concern, I have not implemented it anywhere but in one of the test it took much longer to write to a relational table than writing data to text file (with batch insert and setting DEXPSQLROWSIZE=1000)

          If you want to export complete database, you can also use MaxL and EssCmd commands.

          More details on data export in calc script http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E17236_01/epm.1112/esb_tech_ref/frameset.htm?launch.html
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            hyperion start
            Thank you very much for your response.
            It was very helpful, and the oracle technical doc as well.
            I will definitely try to work on both to check which one works for me.
            Thank you again.