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    Servers lacked maintenance, here's my to-do list

      I'll be taking over administration of a rack of Solaris machines that haven't had an admin for the last 9 months. Prior to that they had limited maintenance. I understand there are a few tickets that will need addressed, but I won't have the details for a few days on them. Regardless, I'm trying to compile a to-do list. What would you add to this list?

      1, Check for hardware failures, disks, fans, psus, etc... repair as needed
      2, Ensure backups are being taken and are restorable
      3, Check all installed packages for exploits, update as needed
      4, Check who has permissions to access these servers, internally and externally. Verify they all should have access.
      5, Setup monitoring providing me with immediate access of issues.
      6, Acquire Oracle Support agreement details so if\when I need them, I have ready access.

      What would you add\change\remove on this list? Thanks in advance for your help.

      Edited, Thanks arbrante