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    Time Zone Issue in Personal Contacts


      I'm facing issue with timezone.

      Server is located in US (server date is 6-Jan-2013).
      User from Australia region(user date is 07-Jan-2013) is creating a contact record who start date as 7-Jan-2013.
      After creating, he/she comes back to the overview page, the newly created contact is not in the list.

      This is because in the ContactsEmergOverviewExndVO.xml, there is where clause
      trunc(sysdate) >= decode(pcr.date_start,null,trunc(sysdate),trunc(pcr.date_start))

      which filter out the newly created record as sysdate is 6-Jan-2013(one day lesser than user effective date)
      and pcr.date_start is 7-jan-2013(User effective date).

      Is there any profile needs to be set to overcome this issue or any other possible solution?
      Please advice.

      Thanks in advance!!