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    Implementation of Basket in DAM site

    Tapas Bose
      Hello. I am currently developing a DAM site and I need to implement a Basket
      functionality there.

      User will visit the DAM, browse some page and media. There will be a button
      aside each media the see, on clicking that button the media will be added to the
      Basket. There will be a link to view the Basket and from the Basket user can
      remove added items.

      The Basket will be associated with the session. When user left the DAM the
      Basket will be clear. So I cannot store it in permanent storage.

      I have no idea how can I store the information.

      As far I know UCM is stateless, so there is no user's session. I am not sure. If
      there is a session object, can I store the media info within that object? How
      can I access the session?

      I also have a thought to store this information in a Javascript object, but I
      think it is not a very good idea, because it Javascript variable value does not
      persist during Post back.

      Any pointer would be very helpful to me.