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    Is StartWebLogic.sh script required when starting OEM Components


      I have installed OEM 12c, on Linux. The OMS is one one server and the repository is on a second server. I have created shutdown/startup scripts but have one question re the emctl start oms command. I am using Chapter 24 of the Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Administrator's Guide 12c Release 2 as a reference. In two places in that document (section & section 24.5) regarding the emctl start oms command the statement is made that the StartWebLogic.sh script should be run after the start oms command -

      Note: The emctl start oms command does not start Fusion Middleware. Run the StartWebLogic.sh script to start WebLogic Server and its managed services.

      I stopped the agent and the oms and then restarted the oms and the agent. I did not run the StartWebLogic.sh script and I have compared the processes running as Oracle before and after and the same processes are present. I am also able to bring up both the Weblogic console and the OEM console.

      My question is what am I missing? What is the reason for running the script? Has something changed (I am unable to find the OEM Cloud Control Administrator's Guide 12c Release 1 which may be part of my problem).

      Thank you.
      Bill Wagman