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    connections from mod_wl die off before talking to weblogic 9.2 server

      Hello - I am running into an issue where the mod_wl connector is not completing and leaving the user with a blank screen.
      The setup is a linux apache server using mod_wl is connecting to weblogic 9.2 on solaris.
      Turning debug on I see the http requests being forwarded to the weblogic server and it works. Some times, I see a New Request stop and die off. Here is an example:

      ================New Request: [GET /foo HTTP/1.1] =================
      DATE <168813575912026> INFO: SSL is configured
      DATE <168813575912026> INFO: SSL configured successfully
      DATE <168813575912026> Using Uri /foo
      DATE <168813575912026> SEARCHING id=[myhost:7004] from current ID=[myhost:7004]
      DATE <168813575912026> The two ids matched
      DATE <168813575912026> @@@FOUND...id=[myhost:7004], server_name=[myhost], server_port=[443]
      DATE <168813575912026> attempt #0 out of a max of 5
      DATE <168813575912026> Trying a pooled connection for ‘MYIP/7004/7004'
      DATE <168813575912026> getPooledConn: No more connections in the pool for Host[MYIP] Port[7004] SecurePort[7004]
      ================New Request: [GET /foo HTTP/1.1] =================
      **Save as above but continues on **
      DATE <168813575955555> general list: trying connect to ‘MYIP/7004/7004 at line 2724 for '/foo’
      DATE <168813575955555> New SSL URL: match = 0 oid = 22
      DATE <168813575955555> Connect returns -1, and error no set to 115, msg 'Operation now in progress'
      ….. and works

      It appears that the request (168813575912026) fails after the getPooledConn line. The next request, same URL, will succeed and work. This does not happen all the time, but enough to be noticed.

      mod_wl is the recent one from oracle's download site, not the one that came with weblogic.
      Ideas on where to look for the issue?