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    "Access Key" Property Question / Alt Key Problem

      Hi All,

      We are trying to migrate our Forms application from OAS 10g to Weblogic 11g. In testing, we found a strange problem that I can't seem to resolve.

      In many of our .fmbs, we set the "Access Key" property of buttons to numeric values (eg 1, 2, 3) so users can quickly enact a button press by hitting Alt+1 , Alt +2 etc on the keyboard.

      In 11g, we've noticed that if they use the keypad (10-key area) on the right of the keyboard, instead of enacting the button press, the Windows Alt-key functions are superseding it and random special characters are entered (eg an emoticon, a square, a bullet point , etc). The "num lock" key seems to have no effect. (I will say that the number keys above the keyboard work fine though).

      In 10g, if there was a button with an Access Key property that was a number, using the keypad seemed to supersede the alt-key function in windows. (So if a button has "Access Key" set 2, pressing alt+2 using the keypad would enact the button press, not an emoticon). If there was no button with "Access Key" property set, then then alt-key ascii characters would be sent.

      Is this something we can control in the configuration? How can we disable the alt-key functions, or at least, have Forms ignore them if they "Access Key" property is set on a button?

      Thanks a lot...
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          Alok Dubey
          you need to edit the frmrweb.res file in the following location i.e.., C:\Oracle\Middleware\Instances\Instance1\config\FormsComponent\forms
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            Thanks for the reply - I checked out that file, and it is identical in the 10g and 11g environments... And after reading some docs, it looks like that file controls keyboard shortcuts for other things in forms (ie "close window", "clear record", etc). I was under the impression that the "Access Key" property of button items is hard-wired to be the "ALT" key no matter what. Using that file, I could assign, for example, "cntrl-alt-6" as enter query, I see that, but how would I edit this file to suppress the ascii alt-codes when alt+{keypard_number} is pressed?