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    Importing Informatica Repository Issue

      Hi There,
      I am trying to import Informatica Repository version 8.6 into Informatica Repository version 9.1. I got the below error due to version difference:

      Is it not possible to import previous version repository into latest informatica version?
      Can some one give some light into this issue, please?

      Rep_57106 repository operation error.

      Restore Contents operation on repository [REP_TEST91] started at 01/07/2013 11:08:25.

      Restoring repository contents from file [C:\Informatica\9.1.0\server\infa_shared\Backup\DEV_INFA_REP_03JAN2013.rep].

      domain name: DNE_INFA_TEST
      Backup file repository version : 179 Current repository version : 181

      File backup version : 10 Current backup version : 10
      Backup file is valid : Yes
      Backup file code page id : 106 Current code page id : 106
      This backup file is from a different version of the Informatica Repository.
      Unable to restore Repository.
      Restore Contents operation on repository [REP_TEST91] ended at 01/07/2013 11:08:25. Elapsed time is 0:00:00.