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    Developer 11g

      Dear all,

      until now i am using oracle developer suite 10g.
      now i want to move to developer 11g.

      what exactly i need so i will get the developer 11g environment to work in.

      what it include?
      what should i download?

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          Alok Dubey

          There 2 categories to be downloaded.
          1. Portal, Forms, Reports and Discoverer ( THis involves 4 zip files to be downloaded.
          2. weblogic server 10.3.2 (wls1032_win32.zip under Installers with Oracle WebLogic Server and Oracle Coherence). This involves only one file.

          we've downloaded the files under windows x86.

          These are the minimum files to be downloaded.

          Alok Dubey
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            could you kindly send the links for each download? i will be very thankful for this.
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              François Degrelle
              <p>Here are the links</p>
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                believe me François, you help me a lot in many occassions, specially your blogs.

                you send a link which Contains Oracle Forms and Reports 11gR2 (, thanks for that,

                what about weblogic server?
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                  and besides, i saw a note like below

                  Note: Oracle Forms and Reports version is part of Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g Release 1 ( Forms and Reports PS5 ( can be downloaded from My Oracle Support.

                  it means if i install the Fusion Middleware 11g Release 1, i have install everthing.
                  if it is so, then from which link i could download it?

                  thanks again.
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                    Alok Dubey
                    weblogic server can be downloaded using the following link.


                    As per your statement, you need to have the userid and password for accessing the metallink to download the patchset 5.
                    say If you are installing the fusion middleware(, then it means that the you have all the patches released prior to; you should download the patch sets released after the

                    Alok Dubey
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                      Thank you Alok Dubey,

                      but i have still a confusion,

                      francos provide the link for oracle 11g forms and reports, instead my Manager ask me to provide him oracle lates complete fusion middleware which is compatible to oracle 11g.

                      could you help me with that?

                      the francos link provide only forms and reports, i need complete fusion middleware.
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                        Alok Dubey
                        Currently the forms and reports are part of Fusion middleware. Fusion middleware contains many more components. the components have to be selected/deselected while installing depending on the license you possess.

                        you can find out the certification matrix in the following url.


                        if u've installed the oracle database already, you need to chose the fusion middleware version depending on the oracle database version. Otherwise, you need to download both the oracle database 11g and oracle fusion middleware 11g. The link francois has provided is the link for downloading the fusion middleware only.

                        Alok Dubey