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    Reports file did not get generated while applying 11i.ATG_PF.H.delta.7

      Hi all,

      I am applying the patch 6241631 (11i.ATG_PF.H.delta.7) in 11i getting the following error :

      Patch log :
      AD_DEFERRED_JOBS table dropped.
      Copying files to destination ...
      Done copying files to destination.

      The following Oracle Reports objects did not generate successfully:
      fnd reports/US FNDRSRSP.rdf
      fnd reports/US FNDSCSRL.rdf

      An error occurred while generating Oracle Reports files.
      Continue as if it were successful [No] :

      one of the adwork008.log file :
      Generating report "FNDRSRSP.rdf" with command:
      $ORACLE_HOME/bin/rwcon60 userid=APPS/***** source=$FND_TOP/reports/US/FNDRSRSP.rdf dest=$APPL_TOP/admin/$SID/out/tmp008.rdf stype=rdffile dtype=rdffile logfile=$APPL_TOP/admin/$SID/out/adrep008.txt overwrite=yes batch=yes compile_all=yes

      REP-25200: Converting '$FND_TOP/reports/US/FNDRSRSP.rdf' to '$APPL_TOP/admin/$SID/out/tmp008.rdf'...
      REP-3300: Fatal error in the virtual graphics system.
      VGS-1704: Object store error.
      REP-1051: Unable to save document to file ''.
      REP-1070: Error while opening or saving a document.

      Conversion of '$FND_TOP/reports/US/FNDRSRSP.rdf' cancelled.
      ERROR [code=1] generating report "FNDRSRSP.rdf" from input file $FND_TOP/11.5.0/reports/US/FNDRSRSP.rdf
      Generated 0 files successfully.
      Generated 0 files with non-fatal warnings.
      Generated 1 files with fatal errors.

      Can any body help me on this please.