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    ACFS confusion...


      I am a little bit in a fix here… We have the same version of oracle software running on 2 systems (say box1 and cluster1). When I run the following command; I get 2 different responses… the only difference is box1 is a single node system (non cluster) and cluster1 is a RAC cluster. Both are 11gR2 (

      [oracle@box1 ~]$ srvctl status filesystem
      Usage: srvctl <command> <object> [<options>]
      commands: enable|disable|start|stop|status|add|remove|modify|getenv|setenv|unsetenv|config|upgrade
      objects: database|service|asm|diskgroup|listener|home|ons
      For detailed help on each command and object and its options use:
      srvctl <command> -h or
      srvctl <command> <object> -h
      PRKO-2012 : filesystem object is not supported in Oracle Restart

      [oracle@cluster1 ~]$ srvctl status filesystem -d /dev/asm/dbhome-2
      ACFS file system is running on cluster1a,cluster1b,cluster1c,cluster1d

      I am confused... can anyone help?

      Thanks in advance.
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          Don't know why you are confused... ACFS is a CLUSTER file system. Therefore, no cluster, no ACFS as denoted by the error you seem to be overlooking:
          PRKO-2012 : filesystem object is not supported in Oracle Restart
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            Hmmm... I am not sure if that's the issue...

            From the documentation - "*A general-purpose single-node (standalone)* and cluster file system solution that is integrated with Oracle ASM, Oracle Clusterware, and Oracle Enterprise Management technologies"

            BTW, I am able to mount it and do everything with it... the only thing thats missing is automatic mounting upon reboot....

            [oracle@box1 ~]$ df -k|grep asm
            /dev/asm/dbhome-474 31457280 5377812 26079468 18% /oracle/RDBMS

            Any other ideas?
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              Support for OS conventional mounting of ADVM/ACFS volumes relies on a specific kernel driver that is installed and provided by the Oracle ASM Database installation, not the Linux OS or oracleasm. It is not needed if you access your files through the ASM instance.
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                I understand your first point. Can you elaborate on your second point "It is not needed if you access your files through the ASM instance"? I would expect the clusterware to bring up the filesystem upon reboot (after obviously bringing up the ASM instance); is that a wrong assumption?

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                  Sorry I confused your post with another one with similar question :-(

                  The command "srvctl status filesystem" displays actions in progress by Oracle Clusterware. From what I can gather, an Oracle ACFS file system resource is typically created for use with application resource dependency lists (srvctl add filesystem). You are apparently running Oracle Restart, which is for stand-alone server installations and not a cluster.
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                    Sebastian Solbach -Database Community-Oracle

                    for auto mounting ACFS filesystem in Oracle Restart see here:

                    "ACFS/ADVM is NOT started automatically after node reboot or after CRS is restarted in non-RAC environment (Doc ID 886407.1)"

                    On RAC this is different, there are 2 options to auto mount ACFS:
                    => Via. ACFS Registry, after the cluster started
                    => Via. Filesystem Resource (srvctl add filesystem) if dependencies to other resources are needed (e.g. for ORACLE_HOMES).

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                      The confusion over your two different responses stems from the difference between Oracle Restart and RAC. The srvctl command supports different objects in each variant.

                      You can use ACFS in Oracle Restart, but the high availability features of the ACFS resources are missing - thus, the srvctl command does not support the 'filesystem' object.

                      Please check your documentation for the version you are using - iirc, the RAC Admin Guide has an appendix that lists the srvctl command reference, with notes as to whether or not its applicable in Restart or RAC.

                      Note that in Oracle Restart, you can always use system commands such as 'mount' and 'acfsutil info fs' to get the status of the file systems.