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        Not sure if this is documented somewhere. It is not common for end-users to run into this. The semantics aren't complex. There is no merging, just simple precedence based on order.

        - Konstantin
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          srikanth vallabhaneni
          One of thing I am noticing is that my custom ant builder for jwsc is getting triggered during publish sometimes. http://help.eclipse.org/juno/index.jsp?topic=%2Forg.eclipse.platform.doc.user%2FgettingStarted%2Fqs-93a_project_builder_targets.htm&cp=0_1_2_1_2

          I am not sure why. Is there a way I can find out that the builder is getting called during publish in the ant script so that I can skip the build during publish?
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            This isn't something you can do with a simple ant builder. Typically, you get the best results with ant builders if you configure them to run "after clean". That way you can invoke clean from the project menu when something that requires your builder has changed, but the builder isn't getting invoked in various other contexts where you don't want to wait for it.

            - Konstantin
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              srikanth vallabhaneni
              Why is the ant builder getting invoked during the publish phase? No files should have been changed to trigger a "auto-build".

              By the way, thank you for answering many of my queries.
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                It is possible that the build is simply catching up and not actually getting triggered during publish. It is also possible that something during publish is writing to the project folder, causing a change delta and triggering a build. We will look into the latter possibility.

                - Konstantin
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                  srikanth vallabhaneni
                  I started eclipse with debug on to see if I get anymore info


                  eclipse.exe -consoleLog -debug debug.options >output.txt 2>&1

                  so far I have not seen anything.
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                    srikanth vallabhaneni
                    For now, I am planning to use the uptodate task so that jwsc is not invoked even if the ant builder is invoked during publish.

                    e.g. in here http://code.google.com/p/atlas-mda/source/browse/branches/atlas-1.0/atlas-weblogic-mda/src/main/resources/templates/weblogic.jwsc.ant.vm they are checking the timestamp of the war, I am checking the timestamp of the generated web.xml
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                      srikanth vallabhaneni
                      When I publish the app in exploded archive mode, the custom deployment assembly entries are not getting copied.
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                        Could you post the content of the your deployment assembly setting file: \.settings\org.eclipse.wst.common.component
                        And where the custom deployment assembly is located?
                        • 24. Re: Split-source Directories
                          srikanth vallabhaneni
                          <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
                          <project-modules id="moduleCoreId" project-version="1.5.0">
                          <wb-module deploy-name="webServices">
                          <wb-resource deploy-path="/" source-path="/.ws/weboutput"/>     
                          <wb-resource deploy-path="/" source-path="/WebContent" tag="defaultRootSource"/>
                          <wb-resource deploy-path="/WEB-INF/classes" source-path="/src"/>
                          <property name="context-root" value="webServices"/>
                          <property name="java-output-path" value="/webServices/build/classes"/>
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                            srikanth vallabhaneni
                            This turned out to be a eclipse refresh issue. Even though the ant builder that generates content into to the deployment assembly folder is configured to "refresh resources on completion" with setting "the project containing the selected resource", for some reason the IDE did not see the generated resources. After I manually refresh and do another publish, the generated content is copied to the exploded archive location.

                            Is not refreshing at the project level enough?
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                              Is not refreshing at the project level enough?
                              It should be, but I have seen some flakiness in that feature. You will need to play around with that setting until you get something that works. An easy way to test if the builder refresh is working correctly is to disable your '.' files filter in the project explorer so that you can see how Eclipse sees your output folder after running the build.

                              - Konstantin

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                                srikanth vallabhaneni
                                For now, I added this to the ant builder build script itself

                                          <eclipse.convertPath filesystempath="${basedir}" property="mybasedir"/>
                                          <eclipse.refreshLocal resource="${mybasedir}" depth="infinite"/>

                                so far, it seems to work.
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