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    Unable to generatre WSDL from integration repository

      Dear All,

      From Oracle R12 Integration Repository when i am clicking on GENERATE WSDL tab i am getting below error.

      Service Provider Access resulted in exception 'oracle.apps.fnd.soa.util.SOAException: SystemError: Error while sending message to server. http://macoraotc02.maaden.com:8031/webservices/SOAProvider/EbizAuth?Generate=663&soa_ticket=lyZjtsJ4ghJ8oj7Va2-aiw..' when attempting to perform 'GENERATE'. Please view Service Provider logs for more details

      Is there any issue with connectivity and from where i can see Service Provider logs please help.

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          Ensure below steps has been performed correctly:
          8. Enable ASADMIN user using the following steps:

          1. Log on to Oracle E-Business Suite using sysadmin/sysadmin.
          2. Select the User Management responsibility in the Navigator.
          3. Click the Users link from the navigation menu to open the User Maintenance window.
          4. Locate 'ASADMIN' user by entering information in the search area to retrieve the 'ASADMIN' user.
          5. Click the Update icon next to the ASADMIN user to open the Update User window.
          6. Remove the Active To date field and click Apply.
          7. Click the Reset Password icon next to the ASADMIN user to open the Reset Password window.
          8. Enter new password twice and click Submit.

          9. After activating the ASADMIN user, verify if the ASADMIN user has the 'Apps Schema Connect Role' (UMX|APPS_SCHEMA_CONNECT) role in wf_user_roles.

          If the 'Apps Schema Connect Role' role is not present in the wf_user_roles for the ASADMIN user, then run the 'Workflow Directory Services User/Role Validation' concurrent program to grant the role.

          10. Reset the 'ASADMIN' password in the file system.
          After 'ASADMIN' user is enabled from Oracle E-Business Suite, update the file
          $INST_TOP/ora/10.1.3/j2ee/oafm/config/system-jazn-data.xml as shown below to reset the password:

          <display-name>Default Apps SOA User</display-name>
          <description>Used by SOAProvider for DB connection</description>
          <credentials>!<NEW PASSWORD></credentials>

          Note: The password should be preceded by a '!' (Exclamation) so that when OAFM is started,
          it gets encrypted. For example, if your password is 'welcome', then you should write it in the above file as "!welcome".

          11. Bounce the middle tier.
          If password in above file not matching what asadmin user password is setup in fnd_user, it will give that error.