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    Https in adf application

    Miguel Angel
      I am developing an adf web application with https (JDeveloper I have configured in the web.xml :

      Restriccion de seguridad para toda la aplicacion
      <description>SSL required</description>

      When I run the application in my integrated weblogic server the application works well with chrome and firefox but for internet explorer it doesn't redirect to the login page. What could be the problem?.
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          Miguel Angel,

          Are you using ADF Security?

          Juan Camilo
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            Miguel Angel
            No I am not using ADF Security.
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              Miguel Angel,

              You need to provide more information about the code you are using. Is this a standard Java EE application? or an ADF Application?

              Juan Camilo
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                Sireesha Pinninti-Oracle

                Can you explain what do you mean by not directing to login page?
                Do you mean "Continue to this website" doesnt navigate to login page?
                If so, there are chances that the recent windows update would have caused this. The update is that the the certificates that have key length less than 1024 bits will be blocked, more details @ [this link|http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2661254]. By default integrated weblogic server uses demo certificate that comes with jdeveloper which has key length of 512 bits, hence the navigation will be blocked.

                Here is the workaround mentioned in the above link:
                certutil -setreg chain\minRSAPubKeyBitLength 512
                certutil -setreg chain\EnableWeakSignatureFlags 8
                Certutil -setreg chain\WeakSignatureLogDir "c:\Under1024KeyLog"

                Alternative is to generate self-signed certificate and update weblogic configurations to use the self-signed certificate generated

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                  Miguel Angel
                  Thank you Sireesha, this a important information that I have no idea. I am using a fusion web application with the demo certificate of weblogic. So this would be the reason I cant redirect to my login page. I 'll wait until I have a trusted certificate to test it in internet explorer.