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    signed applet fail local open

      I have a Tomcat app with a signed applet that ona development PC, with the server and IDE running on the same box, it opens a local dialog from the standard default location on windows c:\...\temp. However when deploy it to the a dedicated server and it fails to open the dialog box from any connected client of even from a client on the server itself. I am using the Java system variable for temporary directory and the applet is signed and works locally. Any help greatly appreciated.
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          Just to anticipate some hints:
          1. The certificates have been locally accepted.
          2. The security General have "Enable online...", "Enable trusted...", "Enable blacklist...", have been disabled
          3. Mixed code has been set to "Disable verification"
          1-3 for purposes of testing.
          The only other aspect is the certs are out of their validity date range but it has not stopped the development workstation from working. This is a great impediment and any help would be equally appreciated. Thank you.