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    ADF : Merging View Objects in JDeveloper

      There is a view object called ProjectVO, under this view object I have ProjectApplicationVO(Hierarchy In Data Controls). So using PPR Ican get project Applications related to each project.
      But there is a another viewObject ApplicationVO which has ApplicationDocumentVO (Hierarchy In Data Controls)in it.So I can get documents related to each Applications using PPR easily.

      Now I have a new requirement..... Which is ,

      If I click on a project from ProjectVO, I should get ProjectApplications related to that project which I can do using hierarchy present in Data Controls. But after this if user clicks on any application from ProjectApplicationsVO, I need to display documents related to that Project Application.

      Could anyone please let me know how to implement it?
      Existing ViewObjects:

      Project----> ProjectApplications----->Application Documents