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    Solaris 11 OS provisioning of specific image


      I am trying to perform OS Provisioning of Solaris 11 and select the exact Solaris 11 version to be installed with OPS Center.

      I have installed OPS Center 12c on Solaris 11-1. I have created a Solaris 11 repository from the Solaris 11 repository, I then upgraded it to SRU10-05 and then upgraded it to Solaris 11-1. I added configured that repository as my parent repository in OPS Center.

      If I go in the Solaris 11 Library I can se that I have version and which correspond to the latest release and previous one.

      My problem is that when I go in the OS Provisioning and try to either copy or create a new profile, I only can have the version of the OS Image (which corresponds to the latest).

      So how can I specify exactly which image will be installed (or how can I create that specific image) for Solaris 11? We need to be able to deploy different image which are not always the latest.