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    PSNT won't run a process when its defined as the server name

      Hi Everyone,

      We have just upgraded our environment, previously, we were using PSUNX as our only process scheduler. after the upgrade, we are now using PSNT only. however, we have a very curious issue with the process scheduler.

      When we run a process online (menu>peopletools>process scheduler>system process requests) and choose PSNT as the server name, we immediately get the error below:

      +"The process XRFMENU has category that is not processed in server PSNT (65,279)+

      +The system detects that the process with the designated server is currently defined to not initiate requests with the process' category. Please choose another server to + +schedule this process. Alternately, you can specify a blank ServerName to allow the scheduler determine the available server the process can be initiated."+

      But when we leave the server name as blank, it runs perfectly fine, using PSNT as the process scheduler.

      and what's more interesting is, when we open the process definition (XRFMENU for this example) and edit the description then save the process definition. It will then run fine even if we use PSNT as the server name.

      Any ideas on why this is so?

      We are not using masterscheduler on our server. we have already tried removing the row from prcsdefn then inserting it back but it doesnt work.

      thanks in advance.

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