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    Creating streams and sensor data hub

      Hi all,

      I am working on the Getting Started example from OTN ( "HandsOnSession.pdf" )
      and in the step to create stream and sensor data hub, am having a problem.

      I am working with the Standalone SES v10.1.2 running on a Linux OS.

      While running this command at the Linux Terminal,
      sqlplus system/welcome1@orcl
      I get a -bash: sqlplus command not found error
      I am in the <filepath>/edge/sql $ when I execute it.But I observed that my Oracle edge server install folder doesnot have a sqlplus folder which I think is by default installed in the Oracle_Home folder. There is a sqlj folder though , but am not familiar much with sqlj.

      Could anyone advise on how to connect to the database and create he SDH tables.

      Also in the sqlplus system/welcome1@orcl command, could anyone confirm if the syntax is as below,
      sqlplus <username>/<password>@orcl
      <username> = username used to install the Edge server install
      <password> = password used to install the Edge server install

      would appreciate your response,