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    Is java Desktop application dying? I'm so sad...

      Hey guys, this is a general question. I was talking to a guy who was going to teach me Java and I told him I was interested mainly in desktop applications and in swing. He proceeded to reply that there is no need to learn that, unless taking a course on it. He said that Java desktop applications are dead, and that now people only use Java on the web. He said that desktop application programming doesn't make any money..., and that it is not worth it. That was very sad to hear for me... Can anyone account for this being true? What about Minecraft? It's on desktop and has made a lot of money... I am so sad, I was really looking forward to learning Swing, but i'm not going to if in a few years it will be virtually useless. Thanks for all replies. Regards.

      p.s What are the thoughts about swing itself, will it be going anytime soon? Will javaFX replace it? Thanks guys.