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    Problem with navigation report

    Bhargav K
      Hi Experts,

      Pls help me.

      i have 2 reports summary report and detail report..

      In summary report i have done it in pivot view and i placed one column in column section so..values in the column are apearing like a columns in the report..
      i am using only one measure..
      when user clicks on that measure it should navigate to detail report ..
      in detail report i placed some columns..and all the summary report columns are is prompted..
      the problem..is wen clicking the measure value it is navigating but the data is not filtering appropriatly.and it is not seggregating appropriatly...

      cab any one give me some idea..pls
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          Dear Bhargav,

          1.Make sure you have 'is prmmpted' the same column you are using in summary. ( copy paste the column fx from summary to detail report, then make it is prompted)

          2. if above things are done. it should prompt.

          3. you check this by clicking on the summary and check the physical query or the detailed report.
          You will caome to know whether the fileters are passed or not.

          Mark if helps/Correct.
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            Satya Ranki Reddy

            I did same kind of report yesterday.

            Do one thing in the details report put it "is prompted" to measure column as well as what are the columns have summary report put it those columns also "is prompted" then issue will not be occured.