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    Automate emails checkin to UCM

    Vipin Pillai
      I have a use case to automate the email attachments checkin to UCM server.

      I have tried Desktop Integration Client with MS Outlook ; but in that I have to drag and drop or manual intervention is needed to push the content item to the UCM.

      Can anyone suggest if there are any other methods to automate this?

      Note: In MS SharePoint list services are available to automate the emails publishing, similarly any service available in WebCenter? I have read the Mail Service which not provides publishing the mail to UCM if I am not wrong.
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          Srinath Menon-Oracle
          Hi ,

          I am not sure if this would work , but wouldn't a rule on Outlook be good enough to achieve this requirement ? What I tried is to see if the rule can be used to set the target folder to UCM Contribution Folder . That works and can be set .

          So , you can test it by navigating to Outlook - Rules - Create New Rule - "Select the folder to be one the of contribution folders where mails will be stored" - Finish . Then send the mails which matches those rules and see if it works fine . One more thing that would be needed is to use "Save Password" option when selecting the Contribution folder .

          Let me know how this works .

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            Vipin Pillai
            Thanks for the reply.

            I have tried that option already. It works fine with "run rules now" option.
            Next time it is not moving the file to target ucm folder; shows message as error occurred.
            I can double check, later today, if this is a user error.

            Even though in this approach,
            1. the email client should be opened in a system always.
            2. cannot checkin the attachment seperated from the email and checkin only the attachment to ucm.

            In OTN I seen download oracle connector for outlook. Is this can be useful in my use case?
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              VikrantKorde 1
              You should try ODC which can commit the files in UCM.
              For reading the emails you can use import server of ODC.

              These are very high level guidelines. Let me know if you can use this approach. I am not sure about the licensing issues.

              Vikrant Korde.
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                Vikrant is right that ODC has a feature that OOTB can import emails and commit them in UCM/IPM.

                This approach has, however, few consequences:
                - check http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E10316_01/capture/odcad.pdf chapter 8.4.5. It contains step 3 where "On the Email Accounts subtab, configure the email accounts that Import Server will check for messages when the batch job is run." Note that ODC's use case is designed that only few accounts, usually unmanned (such as invoices@company.net) are monitored. I'm not sure how the solution would work if, for instance, all accounts should be monitored.
                - moreover, if these accounts are used by "real" users (Importing is a batch process scheduled to run on a regular basis) data might be lost - if a user deletes an email before it has been processed by ODC, the email will be lost

                If you forget about emails for a moment, but consider a generic use case that a 3rd party system produces documents and you want to check them in a content repository in an automated manner, there are two scenarios: a "push"model when something in the architecture pushes actively emails to the repository, and a "pull" model when the active member is the repository and pulls documents out of the system. The preceding paragraph unveils that the best Oracle can do with Microsoft Exchange Server (I think it is a server-side issue, not client-side) is the "pull" model which has the demonstrated disadvantages that a) there's always a risk to lose data b) it may create high load on the server.

                Therefore, IMHO, you need to find someone who can implement the "push" model - a kind of "trigger" activated on the server side which will check-in the document to UCM (being in Microsoft world, most likely using Web Services interface).

                P.S. forgot to mention: ODC (WebCenter Capture) is licensed separately
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                  Vipin Pillai
                  Thanks for the ODC approaches but right now no plan to move to that direction or get additional licences.

                  I am thinking of a different approach as listed here.

                  Option 1:
                  1.     Set a rule in outlook to run the VBA script (extract the attachmnet and save to local disk)
                  Source: http://www.pixelchef.net/content/rule-autosave-attachment-outlook

                  Public Sub saveAttachtoDisk(itm As Outlook.MailItem)
                  Dim objAtt As Outlook.Attachment
                  Dim saveFolder As String
                  saveFolder = "c:\temp\"
                  'saveFolder = "Z:\Contribution Folders\target folder" //commented line
                  For Each objAtt In itm.Attachments
                  objAtt.SaveAsFile saveFolder & "\" & objAtt.DisplayName
                  Set objAtt = Nothing
                  End Sub

                  2.     Using map network drive option in windows, map the ucm webdav/target folder
                  Source: https://blogs.oracle.com/kyle/entry/webdav_to_ucm_on_windows_7

                  3.     Using step 1 script, save the file to webdav target folder. (see the commented line in the code)

                  Option 2:
                  1.     Follow the step 1 above.

                  2.     Using some FTP program, ftp the reports from the source location (local disk) to target location (a file system FTP location in the ucm server).
                  Please suggest if any free ftp tool or free outlook plugin to ftp from windows to linux

                  3.     Auto-checkin program (idcservice CHECKIN_UNIVERSAL) will pick these files (if attachment file names are predefined) and checkin to UCM as scheduled.

                  Note: The above approaches needs an outlook client running on a machine and logged in by the recipient email address.

                  You may advise if there is an easier approach or this use case can be achieved in the exchange server level.

                  Thanks in advance.