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    Webservices call through Documaker

      Hi All,

      Could someone help me in getting a webservice call (for archiving and retrieving information) accomplished in Documaker?

      Is this possible through DAL script? I need to send an XML to an external application which is already hosting a webservice.

      Any pointers will be helpful.

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          Hi. Could you please clarify what you are trying to accomplish? What version of Documaker are you using and what edition - Standard or Enterprise? Are you using DWS or EWPS? Are you trying to obtain the formset information from archive/wip for repurposing or some other scenario?
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            hi ,

            We are using Studio version (11.5) and creating an XML file to archive the pdf generated to an external application. Now we want that process to be done through a web-service call to the same external application (we do have the address and port information) ; just not getting the right way to handle this requirement.

            Should I go through a VB script/ DAL script? Kindly suggest.

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              Bryan Burr-Oracle
              Are you exporting the PDF from Studio ... I guess a blank form... or are you creating PDF at run time using Documaker to create completed documents?
              You are creating an XML to archive the PDF... what is the purpose of the XML? Indexing information?
              If you could provide a bit more detail around your scenario or workflow that would help.
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                Hi ,

                We are using XML to hold the archival information (name and location of pdf generated out of Documaker) that is being sent out to external application.
                Is there any way we can pass this information (XML/ attachment" "through a web-service" to an external system?

                Kindly reply.

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                  Documaker 11.5 does not provide a facility to call a web service directly to submit XML indexing information. There is an integration to a content management solutiono, UCM or Oracle's WebCenter Content Manager, via the Documaker Connector which perhaps could be extended to write to a different destination as a method to get the PDF to the archive repository or it may be possible to write a custom rule to call a webservice as a post process but there is no direct capability to do that within Documaker 11.5.