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    Streams or Logical Standby?

      I have a requirement to duplicate an Oracle DB over a WAN to a remote site. The data in that copy of the DB (along with many other databases of various platforms) will then be aggregated into a SQL Server database for reporting purposes.

      The requirements are:
      - there can be no noticeable performance impact on the primary DB
      - the secondary DB must be as close to in sync with the primary as possible (i.e. little or no lag)
      - the secondary DB must be readable at all times (precludes max performance physical standby)

      Current configuration
      - the primary is an RAC database.
      - there is already a physical standby at the remote site for DR purposes operating in maximum performance mode and using standby logs. It rarely falls more than 2-3 seconds behind the primary. If this server could be leveraged that would be great, but obviously a physical standby cannot be both readable and up to date.