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    M5000 firmware mismatch & CPU degraded.

      First of all, there are multiple issues with the M5000.

      When I log into the M5000, I'm greeted with this message.

      XCP version of Panel EEPROM and XSCF FMEM mismatched,

      Panel EEPROM=1080, XSCF FMEM=1081

      How would i go about matching the firmware?

      When I power on domain 0, eventually it come back with a CPU degraded error.

      XSCF> showstatus
      * MBU_B Status:Degraded;
      * CPUM#0-CHIP#0 Status:Degraded;
      * CPUM#0-CHIP#1 Status:Degraded;
      * CPUM#1-CHIP#0 Status:Degraded;
      * CPUM#1-CHIP#1 Status:Degraded;
      * CPUM#2-CHIP#0 Status:Degraded;
      * CPUM#2-CHIP#1 Status:Degraded;
      * CPUM#3-CHIP#0 Status:Degraded;
      * CPUM#3-CHIP#1 Status:Degraded;

      It's doing the same thing, with both issues, on two different M5000s. I have a very hard time believing we have 8 CPU boards that are bad...

      Can anything be done?
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          Read http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E19580-01/821-2797-10/21ch8p.html

          It's look like you not finish replacement procedure for some components.

          Used version of xscf very old. Possible used CPU require more fresh version of XSCF.
          Use showhardconf for see what kind CPU used on your system.

          For resolve problem of firmware mismatch you should install fresh version of XCSF firmware.

          XCSF fw available from support.oracle.com but require valid support contract.

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            Is it possible that components have been switched between your m5000's resulting in the mismatch ????

            ... You do seem to have a bunch of dodgy kit if i might say looking at your other posts !