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    Running out of space


      I have Oracle Weblogic running on Linux RedHat Ent 5.7. I have 2 deployment on the Server and I was wondering what is taking so much space on the Server since the DB is on another Server?

      Help please.
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          Just wanted clarify what did u mean by "Running out of space"
          1)Check how much GB is assigned to specific mount point where your weblogic is installed, with following command "df-h",
          2)Cross Check the logs DOMAIN_HOME/servers/Your_Managed_Server/logs/,zip them at regular interval using gzip command and move them to different mount point.
          3)If your using Jrockit,and everything when your managed server crashes due to various reasons ,a core dump will be created in your DOMAIN HOME.If you dont need them you can clear these core dumps.

          Are you getting any errors related to space?if yes then paste it here on your next post.