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        Matthew Morris
        My advice is this. If you are stuck on a question, don't waste your time on it. Just skip it and come back
        later if you have time left. You are better off by answering questions you are certain about the answer
        rather than spend a lot of time over a question you are not sure about.
        I'd actually suggest a slightly different approach. If you get stuck on a question, before moving on enter your best guess for the answer, and use the 'Mark' capability to mark the question. Then if you have time at the end of the test go back and take a second look at all of your marked questions. This way, if you don't end up having time to go back, at least the question will have been answered. Unanswered questions are automatically wrong. If you take a stab at it, you have at least a chance of having gotten it correct.
        • 16. Re: Passed 1Z0-047 in Oct. 2012
          I totally agree with you said in the post. Thanks for the tips. I remember that I was stuck on a question with long queries. I went back and forth between the question, the multiple choices, and the ERD. I figured out the answer after 5 minutes. Soon after, I realized that I was behind in time, and I had to scramble. This is my advice for anyone want to take this exam. You have 120 minutes to answer 70 questions. This works about to be 1 minute and 42 seconds per question. If you found yourself spend more than 2 minutes on a question, put down your best guess and move on! In essence, cut your loss early and cut it quick. Good luck to all who want to take the exam.
          • 17. Re: Im planning to take 1z0-047.. started preparing with steven O book... can a
            Well Steve O'Hearn the authorhas done a video on the certification blog so you can checkout his words here for anyine interested in taking 1z0-047


            Worth at least a view .....
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