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    Document Storage on CM14

      We are currently running an old version of Contract Manager [11.0] and are looking to upgrade to 13 or 14. One of the features that I have seen listed is the ability to attach documents to the job file. Would that include external scanned or PDF documents? We wanted to get a digital copy of contracts, signed change orders, field notes, etc and wanted to make sure that this was possible within CM. Does anyone have any experience with this and care to offer comments? Issues?

      Thanks, Steve
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          Hi Steve,

          Contract Management 13 x and above versions have the option to attach files such as scanned copies, pdf, word format etc.


          Prasanna Babli
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            Thank you for the quick reply.

            Does the system store the scanned/PDF/etc files in the job? Or is it stored in some other file or subfile on the server. The reason that I ask is that when we upgrade, we'll need to account for the storage size, plus when we archive a job, will the stored documents transfer with the CM job file as part of the archive? Do we need to back up or archive the documents separately?