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    ODBC: Oracle Universal Installer Crash on Windows 7 (Workaround found)

      Clicking 'next' on first screen in the 10g installer makes the installer crash, showing a message 'Abnormal program termination. An internal error has occurred. Please provide the following files to Oracle Support: "Unknown" "Unknown" "Unknown". Goal for the moment is just to install ODBC. The read me in the ODBC driver .exe says: This section assumes the following: Oracle Universal Installer shipping with has already been installed on your system. Presuming that is referring to another ODBC installer, this exe is not available, so how to install this? Since the installer from 10g is crashing, tried older ones, without success. What is going on? Is it a windows setting somewhere? How to just simply install the Oracle ODBC? Really no problems installing any other software. Avoiding of space in pathnames does not make any difference. Selecting optionbutton 'basic installation' and 'advanced installation' in installer gui both crash when continuing with 'next' ('advanced' does not have any values in that stage).

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