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    Error 1500 for 7u10 for Chrome for Vista 32 bit

      I tried to install 7u10 and then the installer crashed and had no progress on its bar after 45 minutes so then I used the task manager to close the install.

      Then because installation was interuppted, when I try to install again, no suprise, error message "another installation is in progress".

      I looked and I didn't see Java anywhere on the "Uninstall and Change a Program" screen of Windows Vista.

      I have Windows Vista 32 bit.

      I downloaded this Java update for Google chrome.

      This is the error message:

      Error 1500.Another installation is in progress. You must complete that installation before continuing this one.

      What do you suggest that I do?

      Do you suggest that I try to look for Java in RegEdit in the registry and delete all of the registry entries for Java and then try to install again?

      Deleting registry entries has worked before for me to let my computer install a program that was never installed with out giving an error message saying that the program is already installed.

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